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How to Tell the Difference and Properly Use Fertilizers

January 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

How to interpret the content on a label?
That working experience is a crucial first step, no matter of which ultimate class of fertilizers functions for you.
Understanding the Numbers,
N-P-K numbers supply critical clues to the components in that fertilizer. Take a look at the importance of each nutrient for your grass. The formulation may possibly be specific to a destination or the time of use.
The initial stage of an intelligent selection is Knowing Fertilizer Numbers. Now, please let us state that we are not fertilizer experts, if you need specific questions answered about fertilizer, we suggest you post on the blog, or contact our source for fertilizer knowledge. Lawn and More Inc….check out their website at

Chemically Made Fertilizers,
are in the greater part of fertilizers. Historically discovered in pellet style, Those mineral salts need to dissipate to release their nutrients.
The top quality of the components and the style of the pellet by itself can range significantly.
You get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing fertilizers; However, are you paying out for the marketing team, or is the significance in the materials itself?

Common Organic Fertilizers and Understanding Them,
ordinarily use organic elements like composted alfalfa, kale, flax seed, cottonseed, peppers, kelp or blood meal or leftover meat products. These types of composts have a tendency to have superior long-term outcomes, nevertheless are slower to react.
Plan forward rather than wait till the grass is starving, and the good results will please you. The magnificent influence on soil health could help you determine to consider Organic Lawn Fertilizers during your next fertilization.

Examine Chemical and Organic Fertilizers,
products for the effects on the grass and soil. There are principal variations. See the advantages and disadvantages of both prior to developing a selection based only on cost.
Use this unique Check List and make sure you refer to it every time you want to purchase lawn fertilizers.

Now, How Do I Pick The Best Lawn Fertilizer For My Lawn?

Grass needs nutrition. Can you order one all round fertilizer and use it on everything? Yes… however, prior to you rushing out to do that, think about how grass grows.

Grass has a primary want for nitrogen. Other plants are considerably more complex and have greater demands. Alternatively than use all-purpose.

How Often Should I Fertilize My Yard?

Common expectation prompts owners to fertilize in spring. Most lawns can most likely use some nutrition at this position. It truly is not likely you can lead to damage by doing so.

However, one distinguished practice deserves mention to help gardeners in generating a sensible selection. Plenty of folks have read about applying Homemade Fertilization and Mixes to aid rejuvenate their grass in the spring, and to offer it an increase any time.

Several other natural ideas, there is potential harm, as well as good, depending on what items are used, and the solutions and the timing.

Right before you scoff or become a proponent, go through this extensive explanation. Doing this gives your lawn a chance and your comprehension of the entire fertilizer dilemma, and support you spending your money and time the perfect way.

Take Action?
The primary condition of your yard should provide the key indicators of when to fertilize. If there is a sufficient supply of nutrition in the soil, then your yard/grass should not need a fertilizer added.

How do you know when?
The most accurate way is to do a soil test, as soon as or even twice a year. It is not impossible. Did you comprehend soil pH has an effect on how well your lawn fertilizers work?
You may not need to implement anything to your lawn! Soil Testing is extremely important.

You May possibly need to fertilize the lawn whenever:

Grass has a pale green color;
Have hints of yellowing and tipping;
it is growing slowly or maybe not at all;
More than 8-10 weeks since the previous application.

How To Use Fertilizer Correctly?

The spread rate of lawn fertilizers is typically very light-weight. A 50# bag can address towards 5,000 – 12,000 square feet. It may seem like you put sufficient down to do much good. Have confidence in the rates on the bag.

Is your grass really ready to be fertilized and how should I?
You should not react like you do at a buffet. It is much better to use considerably less and carry out more frequently. Put it on too heavy and your chance to burn the yard.

If someone you know just did that; What to do now? As long as, the grass has not died still, apply lots of water, let the water soak into the soil and let the grass start pulling the water.

We sometimes recommend that people use gypsum, as it can help flush the salts out of the soil. Using anywhere from 10-20 pounds per 100-150 sq. ft. should be sufficient. They manufacture a liquid gypsum that is now available. Make sure when you use the gypsum you water again and again. This will help flush the salts and keep your grass on a healthy track. Watch for new growth appear. This should happen within about 2-3 weeks.

No new green grass within that 2-3 week’s timeframe? Then you’ll most likely have to replace the grass. Or will have to hire a professional to come take a look at your yard and find out what is wrong.

It is 100% worth your time to read the label on any fertilizer and figure out what that product does. You will not regret it at all in the future. A little time spent here saves a headache down the road.

Source: The guys at Lawns and More Inc. also known as; The Lansing Lawn Care Gurus


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Comparing Top 5 Mowers on the Market Under $500

January 11th, 2017|0 Comments

#1 Craftsman

COST: $430
HP/TORQUE: 5.5HP/7 lb-ft
Rear-Wheel Drive

Liked: “Awesome!” That is how one particular of our developers pointed out the blazingly fast Craftsman. Important instance of its smart design is the cut height adjustment on the mower. Pull up on the heavy bar at each wheel and pivot to the acceptable height . Give up and let go of the handle, and the pin should snap into the hole. Other wonderful facts consist of the well-shielded drive belt beneath the deck and a sensitive drive-train handle.

Disliked: Found the deck to be not of the greatest styles, had an dilemma with large grass build up. We also found this mower to be a bit on the loud side. I would not want to mow a very massive yard with this.

#2 Honda

COST: $599
HP/TORQUE: 6HP/8.3 lb-ft
DRIVE: Rear-Wheel
Straight Bar; thumb sensitive control
89 dbA
Liked: The luxury motor vehicle of push mowers. The Honda leaves a velvet finish, thanks to a one of a kind twin blade and a domed plastic deck that retains clippings as they are minimized and recut. The mower continues to be new as it cuts, equally in wet and dry grass.
Disliked: Someday, Honda will redesign the deck-lift levers, which are little and awkward to use.
#3 Husqvarna

COST: $335
HP/TORQUE: 6.5HP/6.9 lb-ft (160-cc)
Rear-Wheel Drive
Straight Bar; thumb sensitive control
89 dbA
Liked: Ability, pure ability. Fitted with an OHC Honda motor, this mower feels like it could slice its course all through a corn field and not have any problems. It’s one of the final tools with a choke lever, practical for cold-climate buyers who favor a a little bit fuel-rich start. Transfer to choke and pull on the start lever, and it starts abruptly. The mower on top of that offers responsive tempo control.
Disliked: The handle is quite a bit not comfortable.

#4 Poulan Pro

COST: $231
HP/TORQUE: 8HP/6.25 lb-ft
Front-Wheel Drive
Bar; rate -control leverl
92 dbA
Liked: Starts very easily and with little fuss. The ignition option is essential, and it works just as well when you pull start. Which is super convienent.
Disliked: We mentioned two of these types of mowers and learned the rear-wheel brackets on both to be flimsy and not well produced. One of them broke right out of the box, before we even had a chance to test it. We make some on the spot repairs of the mower and were back in business. We furthermore found that the drive belt was improperly guarded.
#5 Snapper

COST: $599
HP/TORQUE: 8HP/8.5 lb-ft
Rear-Wheel Drive
Fixed Bar; pace-control bar
91 dbA
Liked: excellent idea. The mower is fitted with a device called “Fresh Start” incorporated inside of its gas cap. This slowly and gradually releases a drop of targeted fuel preservative into the fuel tank.
Disliked: Snapper’s drive handle is greater for cutting open elements of a lawn, not for intricate sections that require alot of movement not in a straight line.

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Keeping A Sharp Mower Blade, More Important Than We Thought?

January 5th, 2017|0 Comments

Here at Sculptors Two, we recognize the great importance of producing confidence in your property mower is inside suggestion-ultimate condition within just planning for the long run mowing time. Single best repair service merchandise for any rotary mower is towards make sure blades are perfectly sharpened, balanced and doing the job intended. Now, I know this is a Lawn Care site, but hear me out on why blades need to be sharp. Think about using a dull razor blade to shave your face…ouch!!!

Why Sharpen Blades?
Anytime shaving, imagine concerning the distinction concerning the situations by yourself clean razor blade in contrast once your self are seeking in the direction of receive a personal close shave out of an outdated blade. After working with a previous blade, your pores and skin are a lot more inclined toward cuts, an infection, and stress. Anytime taking a clean blade, oneself take a wonderful, contemporary shave.
The identical issue transpires with your grass. If the blades are boring or nicked, it will smash the advantage of the grass blade, leaving a torn stop very than a contemporary slash. This torn conclusion will normally convert brown a handful of times as soon as mowing and turn into far more vulnerable towards pests and ailments. However, if the blades are great and sharp, the grass will attain a refreshing reduce, with considerably lower problems and strain.
Blade Inspection
At the starting off of the mowing year (and when somewhere around 8-10 hrs of support) do a detailed inspection of your mower’s blades. Signs and symptoms of an unexciting blade include things like bends, nicks, and/or dents. Yourself’ll need to have in direction of guarantee the blades are thoroughly sharpened and nutritious. In just addition towards the bodily inspection of the blades, do an uncomplicated inspection of the garden just before yourself commence your mowing — clearing absent any rocks, sticks, or other particles within the quick local. As yourself, mow, maintain an eye out for People blade-nicking merchandise.
Well Sprucing Your Blades
Preserve inside of brain Those people couple uncomplicated rules for sprucing your blade:
• Have on protecting devices, this kind of as security eyeglasses and reduce resistant gloves
• Disconnect the spark plugs
• Take out the blade (recommendations are learned in just your operator’s guide)
• Grind towards delicate nicks or grind in the direction of sharpen. If not sure, check out: Midwest Power Equipment
• Energy within just one particular steerage merely; blades frequently incorporate an attitude of 45 amounts
• Blades need to be sharp together with scissors, not including a knife. A knife advantage will attain unexciting a great deal more quickly.
• Check with your operator’s guideline for approaches personal towards your mower
• Relying upon intake, exchange your property mower’s blade(s) each 1-3 decades. Generally, blades built for your personal mower. Common blades may possibly conserve you a couple of cash, nevertheless can deliver upcoming security challenges, these kinds of as thrown products. More issues can involve the course they in shape the mount and the model of metallic they are manufactured against. A great deal goes into planning and making a blade in direction of generating certain it operates nicely.
Appropriately Balancing Your Blades
Using correctly healthful blades is every single little bit as essential as blade sharpness. An unbalanced blade Reasons irritation upon the motor and slicing deck because of in direction of vibration.
Once oneself sharpen the blade, check its harmony with a blade-balancing device. If your self-dress isn’t consisted of achieving toward this technical device, yourself can hammer a nail partway into a wall inside of your garage and hold the blade against it (taking the heart gap). If the blade hangs horizontally, it is within just harmony. If single facet drops, take away extra information towards the aspect it leans in thedirection of working with a grinder. Written content really should merely be eliminated against the close of the blade, inside the sail nearby.
Knowledgeable Sprucing

Backside line: Having sharp blades will assistance yourself incorporate a flawlessly mowed garden, each period.


Keeping A Sharp Mower Blade, More Important Than We Thought?

Here at Sculptors Two, we recognize the great importance of producing confidenence in your mower is ultimate condition within just 2 years of use. Helping keep your mower as good as new is important. Keeping a sharp blade will help with this.

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Importance Of Equipment Maintenance and Alignments

January 5th, 2017|0 Comments

Car Wheel Alignment the highest misunderstood motor vehicle restore product or service? Utmost of us fear regarding operating out of gasoline or taking a belt or hose fall short ensuing inside a breakdown upon the facet of the street. That is why we coach preventive repair upon our autos — that and toward maintain the charge of guiding down. Yet just one sizeable portion of preventive restore that may well consider ignored as a result of utmost drivers is a periodic alignment inspection. Greatest persons use't fully grasp their motor vehicle is out of alignment and even as soon as the some of the indications such as, little asymmetric tire use, your automobile pulling a minor towards one particular facet or the direction seems to be a tiny free are apparent. A DMV analyze in which they randomly inspected miscellaneous cars and trucks off the highway uncovered that 9 out of 10 automobiles expected a wheel alignment and the motorists weren't even mindful of it. Alignment is a challenging subject matter masking a wide variety of phrases and a miscellany of components. Each time your wheels are out of alignment, your tires aren't pointing inside the instantly advice. This will

Weed Control – How To Stay away from Lawn Weeds In opposition to Rising

January 8th, 2017|0 Comments

One particular of the utmost asked-about questions inside garden treatment is: How do I stay away from weeds towards rising on my garden? There are definitely quite a few successful techniques in direction of take care of the weed situations on your lawn. However, the major to a weed-free yard is in the direction of reduce weeds versus escalating in the initial Area. It would take a whole lot much less time, effort and price toward stay away from weed infestation than it would be toward beat it. Weeds are a Sign of Harmful Lawns If your lawn is overgrown with weeds, it really is a indicator that everything is completely wrong with your garden. The initial detail utmost humans want in direction of do is accurately quickly spray weed killers in direction of remedy the circumstance. Nonetheless, employing a weed killer is basically treating the symptom and not the illness. Other us citizens appear to be that planting extra grass seeds will help. Yet again, it does not clear up the underlying difficulty which is creating weeds in the direction of just take above your lawn. Attention upon the Grass, Not the Weed Rather of staying on the defensive,

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Fleet Management System Drives Your Fleet Positively

January 6th, 2017|0 Comments

Fleet Management System Drives Your Fleet Positively For any landscaping business it is remarkably necessary to always keep track of its transportation fleet. Carelessness may lead to increased costs such as gas consumption, car or truck maintenance, and delivery delays. Installing a good fleet management system can help you eradicate such losses and drive your lawn mowing business upwards. Fleet control software easily keeps track of, manages, and maintains your fleet. Fleet management is a blend of powerful technology the GPS, two-way wi-fi communications, an on-board processing, web programs that demonstrates mapping and motor vehicle telematics information to the end consumer. The GPS monitoring system helps the transportation companies in locating their vehicles and monitoring their speed and direction. When companies try to set up such fleet management programs in minimal budgets they tend to involve just specific characteristics and functionalities of it. In fact the transportation providers should not hesitate in paying some extra money over getting a considerable solution as in the longer run this fleet management system will benefit them by preserving a lot of transportation and motor vehicle maintenance rates therefore enhancing profit margins. Overall the initial installation costs are always negated by cost savings through

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